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At Plant The Seed CBD, we are proud to say all our full spectrum CBD oils are 100% organic. But what makes organic CBD oil better than non organic? From environmental to health impacts, the way we farm and eat can make a world of difference. Organic farming, offers a host of benefits, not just for our health, but for the planet too. Read on to discover why choosing an organic CBD oil is important.

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Organic farming or agriculture is defined by The Department for Agriculture and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), as a system, which avoids the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides, growth regulators and feed additives. 

In a nutshell, organic agriculture, is all about providing high quality food, whilst using methods that help benefit our whole food system, working towards an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production, from people to the planet, plant health and animal welfare.


Just like organic fruits and vegetables, organic CBD oil, must be produced following strict methods in order for it to be certified organic.

Firstly, the hemp needs to be grown in organic crops, following the guidelines to meet the certificate, once the plants are harvested they are then subjected to even stricter controls compared to non-organic crops. 

From harvesting, handling and even extraction, each step of the process avoids using any synthetic or prohibited non-agricultural ingredients in order for it to be labelled organic. 

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Buying organic CBD oil comes with it's benefits too. Not only can you ensure that organic hemp is 'cleaner' because it's free from pesticides and synthetic chemicals, there are also other factors to consider too. We've listed our top reasons why you should purchase organic CBD oil below:

It's better for the planet.

Organic farming focuses on respecting nature and helps lower the risk of environmental pollution. No chemicals or pesticides which come from burning fossil fuels for healthier soils.

Better for wildlife.

 Organic farms are sanctuaries for birds, bees and butterflies. Organic farmers rely on eco-systems to keep pests under control, encouraging wildlife to their fields.

Better for you.

When it comes to our health, organic farms even provide us with healthier produce. Cleaner, safer food that contains little to no additives, pesticides and GM ingredients and better in quality!


We only use 100% organic, natural full spectrum CBD. We want to help people discover the power of natural ingredients, whilst also using certified methods to provide a consistently, high quality CBD oil you can trust. 

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At Plant The Seed CBD, our hemp is grown and extracted in Switzerland, by farmers with over 25 years of experience in organic farming. Our production is certified by Bio Suisse regulations, recognised for it's strictest standard for Swiss Organic farming.

Not only this, all our hemp is hand-picked during the most optimal time of the plants lifecycle to ensure only the best parts of the plant are selected.

Even better, nothing is wasted! The stems and leaves discarded during the manufacturing process are then reused in production as fertiliser. 


From organic hemp extract to organic carrier oils. You'll find only 100% organic ingredients in all our bottles of full spectrum CBD oils.

Our sunflower oil is grown on the same farm as our hemp, so we can guarantee transparency and consistency in all our product ingredients for you to enjoy. 

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To ensure we keep all the valuable compounds of the cannabis plant, we only use CO2 extraction methods, considered the cleanest and safest methods of extraction.

No chemicals, no heat. The gentle CO2 extraction is achieved in-house, just a few steps from the field, using state of the art equipment. Meaning all our CBD oils are fully traceable from field to shelf. 

After extraction, each batch of CBD oil is third party lab tested by an independent accredited laboratory which performs a high precision, high accuracy analysis for purity and potency.


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100% organic, 100% natural, for a healthier, happier you.

Plant The Seed CBD, 500mg
Plant The Seed CBD, 500mg
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Plant The Seed CBD, 1000mg
Plant The Seed CBD, 1000mg
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil