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CBD is quickly becoming a popular ingredient for many beauty brands. With many reported benefits, CBD skincare has the potential to help restore dehydrated skin, reduce acne and even help reduce inflammation. Explore how CBD can benefit your skincare routine, or why not browse our range of products, enriched with 100% Organic, full spectrum CBD.

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As CBD gains broader acceptance, the benefits of CBD and other 'cannabinoids' are starting to gain some momentum in not just the wellness but also the beauty industry too. 

The potential soothing benefits of CBD means it can be a great agent in skincare to help reduce skin concerns such as breakouts and blemishes. Whilst it's hydrating properties means it can be a great ingredient for combatting dry skin.

With inflammation becoming an increasingly common ailment for most, CBD is a great, natural way to help relieve some of the many symptoms associated to it. From easing aches, soothing stress, whilst also prolonging our skin's health too.


At Plant The Seed CBD we are all about keeping things simple. That is why you'll find natural ingredients in all our products. 

All our hemp extract is 100% organic, grown to Bio Suisse certifications for a high quality, CBD oil, rich in cannabinoids.

Not only this, but our Earth Oil contains Jojoba oil, packed with vitamins and minerals to support all the power of the hemp plant.

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CBD can be used in a variety of skincare products, at Plant The Seed CBD our nourishing Earth Oil is enriched with Full Spectrum CBD and Jojoba Extract. Here's how our 100% natural, body oil can help your skin:

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Relieve dry skin

Packed with vitamins and minerals our earth oil will help relieve dry, dehydrated skin, helping you restore your natural glow. Our fast absorbing oil, will leave your skin feeling smoother and softer, simply apply a small amount to cleansed skin, fresh out a relaxing bath or shower.

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Manage inflammation

Reduce psoriasis, eczema and even sunburn, with our earth oil. Containing the perfect blend of CBD extract and Jojoba oil, rich in Vitamin E to help penetrate the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and skin irritation. 

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Reduce muscle fatigue

Whether you are looking to help reduce those post work out aches or help reduce pain from arthritis our earth oil helps penetrate the deeper layers of skin for all round relaxation.

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Not just for your body, our earth oil can be used to help restore dry, damaged hair, whilst also promote hair growth too. 

Our full spectrum CBD oil is rich in fatty acids, that helps seal in moisture and nourish your hair and scalp. With anti-inflammatory properties our rich essential oil will help reduce and aid inflammation on the scalp, whilst also leaving hair feeling smooth and shiny. 

To use, simply massage our earth oil into your scalp and comb through. Leave overnight and wash out for healthy, beautiful looking locks.


At Plant The Seed CBD we are all about providing products that are easy to use and fit into your daily routine. 

Our Earth Oil is the perfect combination of ingredients that can be used day or night to help restore your natural glow.

Use directly after your shower for that post shower glow. Or even use as part of massage therapy for all the aromatherapy benefits. 

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Restore your natural glow

Renew your skincare regime today, why not try our Essential Body Oil? Enriched with Jojoba and Full Spectrum CBD for healthy looking skin.

Plant The Seed CBD, 500mg
Plant The Seed CBD, 500mg
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Plant The Seed CBD, 1000mg
Plant The Seed CBD, 1000mg
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil



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