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Novel Foods & CBD Oil

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What is Novel Food?

Novel foods is defined by the FSA as foods that have not been consumed by people within the UK or EU anytime before May 1997, examples of 'Novel Foods' include:

    • Newly developed foods such as phytosterols or phytostanols (commonly used in chloesterol reducing spreads)
    • Foods traditionally eaten outside the UK/EU such as Chia seeds, Baobab
    • Foods produced using new technologies e.g. breads treated with ultraviolet light to increase levels of Vitamin D
The Novel Foods Act was first introduced to ensure products made for consumption were safe and properly labelled to consumers across the UK and European Union. 

Is CBD Considered a Novel Food?

In January 2019, the FSA considered extracted CBD to be a Novel Food, because the methods used to extract CBD could not be proven before 1997, when the Novel Food act was created. As a result, by the 31st March 2021, all CBD products consumed such as isolates, gummies and tinctures must have authorisation in order to be sold in the UK or EU. 

What is Plant The Seed CBD's Novel Food status?

As of March 2021, we can confirm that all our full-spectrum CBD oil's can remain for sale on the UK market. Following applications from our manufacturer's who are partnered with EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association), the FSA have considered our products to be compliant with administrative requirements.

The CBD industry has seen incredible growth in the past few years, especially as many people turn to more natural and holistic approaches to health and wellness. By 2025, the UK market is projected to be worth a staggering £1 billion, with the variety of CBD products available predicted to expand too.

As CBD buying trends grow, hopefully so does it's reputation. However, there is a need for regulation to ensure CBD products, particularly those being consumed, are legitimate.

The Novel Food act, is a step in the right direction for helping to regulate the industry.  

What does this mean for Plant The Seed CBD products?

As of March 31st 2021, all CBD oils sold by Plant The Seed CBD are compliant to FSA administrative requirements. We have worked closely with our manufacturers and receive regular updates on their Novel Food status and applications. The Novel Food act will not effect how our products are sold, or how you receive them.  

We endeavour to give you continuous updates if anything changes.

The CBD industry within the UK is still in it's infancy, however with high growth rates projected for 2021, despite the uncertainty around regulations. We hope that continued studies of CBD & THC, will bring increased awareness and demand for CBD products, strengthening the CBD industries future over time.

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